We welcome you to make your reservation at any of our three popular locations in Waikiki. We validate parking at our Central and East locations. We request that same day reservations be made by phone rather than online (through the internet).

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Reservations are not confirmed until you have received your confirmation e-mail. We will make every attempt to confirm all reservations within 48 hours.

Due to time differences, our response to your reservation may be delayed until the following weekday should your request be received on a Sunday.

If your request goes unanswered for three days, please click here

We welcome casual attire but ask that gentlemen remove any type of headwear. We ask women to also remove baseball caps.

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Dinner reservations begin nightly from 5:00 PM at all restaurants.
Please note that lunch reservations can only be made at Tanaka of Tokyo WEST (Ala Moana Center).
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Celebration Packages
We offer two Celebration Packages to commemorate any special occasion! Each package includes a cake and a souvenir gift. If you would like to reserve a Celebration Package, please select one below:

By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling the location you'd like to go to.

WEST (Ala Moana Center) (808) 945-3443 

CENTRAL (Waikiki Shopping Plaza) (808) 922-4702

EAST (OHANA East Hotel) (808) 922-4233
Conveniently located by the International Market Place